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“Amigos lectores que leerán este libro blog, | despójense de toda pasión | y no se escandalicen al leerlo |
no contiene mal ni corrupción; | es verdad que no encontrarán nada de perfección |
salvo en materia de reír; |
mi corazón no puede elegir otro sujeto | a la vista de la pena que los mina y los consume. |
Vale mejor tratar de reír que derramar lágrimas, | porque la risa es lo propio y noble del alma. Sean felices!
--François Rabelais (circa 1534) [english]

domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

The Streisand effect -Virgin Killer

The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to censor or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequenceof causing the information to be publicized widely and to a greater extent than would have occurred if no censorship had been attempted. It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, following a 2003 incident in which her attempts to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity.
Virgin Killer is the fourth studio album by the Germanheavy metal band Scorpions. It was released in 1976 and was the first album of the band to attract attention outside Europe.[1] The title is described as being a reference to time as the killer ofinnocence.[2] The original cover featured a nudeprepubescent girl which stirred controversy in the UK, US, and elsewhere. As a result, the album was reissued with a different cover in some countries.
In December 2008, the image again gave rise to controversy when the British Internet Watch Foundation placed certain pages from Wikipediaon its internet blacklist, since it considered the image to be "potentially illegal" under theProtection of Children Act 1978.[3] This resulted in much of the UK being prevented from editing Wikipedia, and significant public debate of the decision. The decision was reversed by the IWF after four days of blocking.[4]

The controversial original album cover. The cracked glass effect is part of the image.
Studio album by Scorpions
GenreHard rockheavy metal
ProducerDieter Dierks

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