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viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009

Vagina Reconstruction

of the Involuntary Variety

If a doctor ever promises to turn you and others into "horny little mice," you should probably just go home and take some Tylenol instead of spending any additional time with him. However, it seems a lot of people turned a blind eye to Dr. James Burt for a number of years, allowing him to perform reconstructive surgery on women's vaginas--which probably sounds like a perfectly normal thing for a doctor to do... until you realize the women didn't ask him to do it.
Burt even wrote a book called The Surgery of Love, in 1975, about the operations he performed on many women--without their consent. He was at least thoughtful enough to do it after the birth of children so he could explain away the stitches as a result of the delivery.
While he had them on the table he would tinker around with their anatomy, removing some things, even repositioning the vagina, urethra and alter the walls between the vagina and rectum in order to "increase sexual responsiveness." Again, why no one stopped him while he was cutting and probably muttering things like, "you're welcome, Mommy" is anyone's guess. Apparently if you're wearing surgical scrubs everybody just assumes you're on the level.
More often than not, the unwanted surgeries caused extensive damages and required additional surgeries to correct the problems. Twelve malpractice suits against the doctor were dropped over the years when other doctors he worked with refused to testify against him, presumably convincing the man his Frankenvaginas were totally kosher.

It's claimed he performed the procedure on around 2,000 women and when the Ohio State Medical Board finally caught up with him, they made him voluntarily surrender his license , a punishment which is known in legal circles as "bullshit."

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