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salvo en materia de reír; |
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Vale mejor tratar de reír que derramar lágrimas, | porque la risa es lo propio y noble del alma. Sean felices!
--François Rabelais (circa 1534) [english]

domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

La generacion YYY

Is Generation Y a Bunch of Devious Sluts?
Survey Says: Yep! by Aranya Tomseth
 kim kardashian sex tape
CanDoBetter.com, a dating website that allows users to weigh in on the potential success of other relationships, just released the findings of a recent nationwide survey of its members, and it appears that today’s youth are willing to do just about anything to get ahead. Of the 2,800 CanDoBetter members polled, 64 percent of the female respondents said they would make a sex tape or take nude photos to break into a career, and 42 percent of men said the same. In addition, 45 percent of the women who participated in the survey said they would sleep with their teacher to pass a class, and 36 percent said they would blackmail a co-worker or boss to get ahead. What a bunch of go-getters! It really warms the heart.
Truthfully, this isn’t all that surprising, given that we’re talking about a generation raised on reality TV, Us Weekly and YouTube—a group of people who watched “leaked” sex tapes propel Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian into the pop culture spotlight. Why wouldn’t they consider a sex tape to be a crafty strategy for self-advancement? Who cares about a little scandal and infamy if it means you get your own reality TV show, perfume line and “celebrity” status? Sure, it’s a dubious classification at best, and everyone—including you—knows you’re not famous for your talent or hard work, but, like, you’re still famous, right? And everyone knows that’s infinitely better than being (gasp!) not famous. Barf! You might as well just lay down and die.
Then again, we have to take into account the fact that the men and women who participated in this survey are all members of a dating site that posts pictures of couples in order to let people vote on whether “she can do better” or “he can do better.” And addicting as this little game may be (we know, because we went to the site and got sucked into voting on couple after couple for a good 15 minutes), we can’t help but be suspicious of people who willingly throw photos of themselves and their significant others into an Internet dating site judging pool. If you want the world to weigh in on whether or not you are too hot for your boyfriend or girlfriend, then it’s not unlikely that you have the kind of self esteem that also prompts you to think that making a sex tape is a good career move. So no need to go into a full panic about our future being in the hands of a morally bankrupt generation of skanks just yet. It’s all relative.

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