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domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Saif... "el sable mahometano"

Un intelectual de la economía y politologia como dictador debe ser mucho mejor en sus atrocidades (ejecuciones y violaciones en masa al pueblo sublevado, como se le acusa) que el padre como simple militar hizo como "amado líder" con su "amado pueblo" y su harem de niñas (un ejemplo absurdo: inculpó y trató de ejecutar a 5 enfermeras búlgaras por la infección de SIDA de 400 niños, ya infectados antes que lleguen ellas)
Arquitecto con estudios en Tripolis, luego un estudio en una ex-universidad privada de Viena IMADEC University, a la cual se le quitó el status de universidad por emitir grados (honoris causa) sin derecho ni honor para ello (entre otros al Terminator Arnold Schwarzeneger)
Amigazo de Jörg Haider, el presidente austriaco más nacionalsocialista de estos últimas décadas (en Austria), quien viajaba seguido a Libia de visita.
IMADEC University
Luego un Master of Science el 2004
El 2007 recibió el Doctorado (Ph.D.) de London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) [Departamento de Filosofía] con su disertación:
El rol de la sociedad civil en la democratización de las instituciones de gobierno globales
The Role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions: from “soft power” to collective decision-making?
UK university reviews funding from Libya 21.feb.2011
The London School of Economics has said it is reconsidering its links with Libya "as a matter of urgency".
The LSE has run courses for Libyan officials and has received a £1.5m donation from the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation. (ca. 3 million US$)
Colonel Gaddafi's second son, Saif al-Islam, studied at the LSE, gaining both a Master of Science and a doctorate.
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, 38, enrolled at the LSE in 2003 for an MSc which he completed. He continued his studies there, and was awarded a PhD in 2008.
Professor David Held, who supervised his PhD studies, said he watched his former student's speech and was "deeply disturbed by its failure to grasp the changing circumstances of the Middle East in general, and of Libya in particular".
"Rather than seeing the opportunity for reform based on liberal democratic values and human rights, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi stressed the threat of civil war and foreign intervention.
"I have known Saif al-Islam Gaddafi for several years since he did a PhD at the LSE. During this time I came to know a young man who was caught between loyalties to his family and a desire to reform his country.
"My support for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was always conditional on him resolving the dilemma that he faced in a progressive and democratic direction.
"The speech last night makes it abundantly clear that his commitment to transforming his country has been overwhelmed by the crisis he finds himself in. He tragically, but fatefully, made the wrong judgement."

Cuando a fines de los 90 fue a estudiar a Europa en Viena se trajo sus dos tigres de bengala blancos  Freddo y Barny, que ahora están asilados en el Schönbrunner Zoo.
Y para colmo, el muy cobarde
consideró "rumores" que esté ligando desde el 2005 por años con la actriz israelita Orly Weinerman. aunque su venerada religión le prohibe mostrarse con una judía, se encontró por años con ella en toda Italia y Francia

"Pero no sería impensable para él, estar con una mujer de Israel"
Nota rabínica:
Como Mahoma, que hace matar a toda la familia de la mujer judía, el día de la boda!
Eso es amor de intelectuales que leen, escriben y citan a allah y sobre todo a mahoma!!
Pobre niña la actríz judía que se enamora de un excéntrico psicópata mahometano!
Será atracción por los tigres blancos o por los regalitos del príncipe o la idea de la bondad islámica con las mujeres?

O gusta de que la golpeen para ponerla en "razón islámica"?

Saif al-Islam al-GaddafiRSS
Television en Libia: "El sable del islam" arengando a sus huestes y prometiendo aplastar al pueblo rebelde (las ratas) en un baño de sangre
"Ríos llenos de sangre van a fluir!"
Saif al-Islam (Archivbild): Möglicherweise doch nicht in Sirt gestorben

2011-08-31 Al-Fateh Revolution Evening
Speech given on the eve of September 1st, 2011, 42nd anniversary of the Libyan Revolution

I’m now speaking to you from the outskirts of Tripoli.
I would like to reassure our brothers everywhere that now just gone noon; we passed by Al-Azizya.
We met the youth over there; we also met our brothers in Wershefana, we also met some people from Nawahiy El Arbaa.
We also visited the areas adjacent to Tripoli, we have seen people today in high spirits, and we also met some youth from the inner areas such as those from Abu Sleem and also those from El-Hadba.
They reassured me of the situation on the inside, I would like to reassure people that we are present, everything is fine and the struggle is on-going and that victory is near.
Today our brothers also relayed me a message that there was a big tribal meeting in Werfalla & Bani Walid in which they decided: to reply to the verbal threats that were received from the armed rebels and rats that said that they must surrender or we will use military force to storm into Bani Walid. They took a majority decision: “to hell with you and to hell with NATO this is our country we live and die on it”.
Werfalla is not scared of you or your allies (NATO), we are foregoing with the struggle and resistance until victory, despite NATO hitting several houses inside the city and killing whole families inside the city, but they have buried their martyrs and this has only increased their resolve.
As for the area of Fezzan; this is completely united with all its tribes in its loyalty to the leader. They also had a collection of meetings today, with the same conclusion: that no one is scared and that no one will surrender.
They also said that our grandfathers and parents fought the Italian colonial forces when they were bare footed and naked, not today.
As for the threats against Sirte, they have replied to them: try and enter Sirte, you think that entering Sirte is a walk in the park. Sirte has more than 20,000 armed youth fully equipped to defend it and are ready. We have bypassed Sirte by several stages we are on our way to victories and claiming areas and they’re talking of taking over Sirte!
This is a media campaign to distort public perception and to create chaos and confusion.
We would like to also tell the other cities that we are defiant and that the leadership is in good health and that the leader himself is well and that we are happy and that everything is normal (drinking tea and coffee) and that we are in our country defending it.
There is also another message to our brothers in; Tobruk, Al Bayda, Benghazi, El Marj, Zlitan, Tripoli that they should be prepared to move now, any place that is infested with rats then you shouldn’t stand there you need to attack them, checkpoints should also be attacked and destroyed, you need to bleed them day and night until this country is cleared from these armed rebels. All of you are responsible and your leadership is responsible for you.
All Libyans are Muammar Al-Gadaffi; all Libyans are Saif El-Islam, all Libyans are Khamis Muammar, wherever you find the enemy you must strike! The enemy is weak and they have sustained great losses and they’re healing their wounds.
Bab Al-Azizya to those liars is a military base that has been razed with 64 NATO sortie missions over the last seven months and this military base is open to the masses. We have withdrawn our military personal from there in anticipation of NATO airstrikes there on a daily basis, entering and leaving Bab Al-Azizya doesn’t mean anything at all, everyday there are festivities and musical acts going on there and people have set up tents there. It has been razed to the ground and all military equipment has been moved elsewhere.
These armed rebels are trying to create psychological warfare, scare and confuse people. I would like to tell people not to be afraid and that the military is well, the arm depots are in good form. All the tribes that have received threats; Tarhoona, Khums, Bani Walid, Sirte, Wershefana, Nawahiy El Arbaa, El Ejilat all the tribes I have contacted personally and have affirmed that we have received threats: “you either surrender or we kill you” and their response was “that this is our country which we will not neglect and that we will fight till the last bullet”.
Everything is fine Alhamdulillah, and victory is forthcoming very soon Inshallah. This is our country they’re the ones that will be exiled and will have to leave along with their stooges NATO, France etc. should pack their bags and leave. The best proof of this is that these convoys of traitors and armed rebels was destroyed on Al-Shaat Street in Tripoli, the people of Tripoli know this story, the presence of foreign mercenaries and fighters that aren’t even Arab amongst this convoy that was destroyed.
They have brought British Special Forces to fight alongside them that has been admitted by them and Italians and French and other entities that are fighting with them for money, as for us we are fighting for the sake of Libya and for the people of Libya and on our land.
As for our brothers that have made taped confessions, they’ve rung me later on to say that their daughters and wife’s where taken hostages under gun point and that these confessions where under duress. That they were told to either say what they were told or be that their family would be filtered off (killed). This doesn’t mean anything; they’ve stormed into a few key figures in the Libyan Government whilst away on their farms, who’ve woken up to these armed rebels surrounding them and they were taken as captives and where told “you either say as we do, or we will kill your sons and daughters”. This is one of the dirty tricks of the armed rebels who have no manners.
As for NATO, you are the dumbest alliance in the world and that you are stupid people, even the individual that you have installed and is persistent on operations in Tripoli, was he not in Al-Qaeda? , wasn’t he captured by the CIA and handed over to Libya then we forgave him and that he is a worldwide wanted terrorist. He is there now with his terrorist accomplices and friends leading operations, you stupid people are now backing these snakes and hopefully they’ll backfire on you.
In conclusion I would like to reassure you, and to confirm to our people that this stuff is true that during my visit to Wershefana, Nawahiy El Arbaa and Al-Azizya the rats were nowhere to be seen and that the checkpoints were vacant. I would like to tell our people that are afraid and scared indoors not to be so and to go out and to resist and to face the enemy, day and night , day and night the people of Abu Sleem And El-Hadba and the martyrs of Sidi Abdul Jalil and 2nd of March district and the other neighbourhoods to organise and arm themselves and to continue the fight and that we are coming to liberate Green Square God willing (Inshallah) and that we are fine and “victory or death” and God is great (Allahu Akbar).#
 Nota maho-malita:
Me gustaría que las últimas palabras que escuche antes de su ejecución por decapitación a sable mahometano, a la usanza de los saudis, sean:
Allahu Akbar!!

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