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domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

How to Be Manly

Manly is an adjective used to describe the physical and psychological characteristics of an individual that differentiate males from females. A male who appears exceptionally manly can be described as an individual who has or emphasizes not only their sexual dimorphism, but also those features and characteristics commonly associated with males in a given culture. Thus, to be manly varies a great deal depending on your cultural values, upbringing and personal beliefs.
Understand what makes you male
* A great deal of controversy surrounds the differences between men and women as so many of them are influenced not by reality but by societal values and stereotypes. In general, though, hormonal and developmental differences are apparent beyond the obvious genital differences. To be manly emphasize physical characteristics that differentiate men from women. These include:
o Stature. Be strong in your body and mind. Stand up straight and develop your posture.
o Personality. Be loyal to your people. Be honest to yourself and others. Show humility by knowing your weaknesses and not letting your Ego take over. Be charitable by sharing with those around you. Show strength through protecting and standing up for yourself and your loved ones. Develop a supportive, helpful, responsible, and caring nature. Remember to care for yourself, as well.
o Hair. In general, men have more hair than women, including chest and facial hair. How much hair is considered manly varies a great deal with current fashions. Maintain your hair and style it according to what is comfortable for you.
o Men have deeper voices than women. To be manly speak in a low, sexy voice.
o Men are generally stronger than women in the upper body. Develop an exercise routine that develops your upper body strength.

Look the part
1. Find a magazine or web site aimed at men and browse pictures of men to find the kind of look you consider to be manly, or exceptionally male. Remember that these are usually stereotypes and can change over time. Since changes occur often, develop a personal belief of what you consider manly, and stick to it.
2. Exercise to build muscle. Upper body strength and muscle is a primary difference between the sexes. Develop and stick to an exercise plan.
3. Smell good. A great deal of sexual attraction is hidden in your scent. Consider using cologne. Conservative use of cologne is important as some may be offended by strong smells. Stick to high-quality colognes. Maintain a high standard of overall hygiene.
* Sweat. Sweating releases the pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Don't be afraid to get sweaty. Remember proper hygiene so sweat does not linger and offend the opposite sex.
4. Dress well. You can't change your genetic makeup to give yourself a strong chin or defined cheekbones but you can dress in such a way that you are seen as attractive. Dressing well shows confidence and happiness with your body. Use what you have to your advantage and play up physical strengths.

Engage in manly activities
1. Play sports. In the earliest hunter/gather societies a male's greater size and strength were necessary survival characteristics for the species. Today we no longer need to hunt and kill our own food but male hormones still create the need and desire to engage in this kind of behavior. Sports is one way our culture has found to harness these behaviors into a positive outlet. Therefore prowess at sports is often considered a male characteristic.
2. Be a leader. Men are usually considered to be "alpha males" when they are assertive and excel in leadership roles. Develop leadership skills.
3. Be ambitious. In our society masculinity is measured by success, power, and the admiration of others.
4. Understand that in our society certain personality characteristics have been associated with men for so long they are often considered natural. These include but are not limited too:
* Don't Hide emotions, Real Men do cry. It is unhealthy for a man not to. It's harder for a man to show emotions than not given our cultural norms. A real man is comfortable in his masculinity and is not afraid to show emotion when the time is needed.
* Avoid any characteristic associated with femininity.
* Take risks. Our society labels men as the risk takers although, of course, this is totally subjective. The reality is more likely to be that men tend to take more physical and health risks than women.
* Be proud and heroic. Men are allowed some emotions typically associated with masculinity including pride, self-reliance and 'toughness'.
* Remain calm. Men are expected to remain calm in almost any situation.

* Be moral, loyal, honest, humble, charitable, strong, supportive, helpful, and caring.
Nota bene:
Noto que cumplo a cabalidad los puntos del Howto. Asumo que mi falta de fémina se debe principalmente al no andar perfumado y no poseer el nivel económico necesario para mantener a las Vivis y Doras que encuentro de paso rampante por mi vida (virtual y real).
O será que debo empezar a mentir como todos los demás?
O dejar mi moral a un lado, ya que estoy desmoralizado?

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