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“Amigos lectores que leerán este libro blog, | despójense de toda pasión | y no se escandalicen al leerlo |
no contiene mal ni corrupción; | es verdad que no encontrarán nada de perfección |
salvo en materia de reír; |
mi corazón no puede elegir otro sujeto | a la vista de la pena que los mina y los consume. |
Vale mejor tratar de reír que derramar lágrimas, | porque la risa es lo propio y noble del alma. Sean felices!
--François Rabelais (circa 1534) [english]

martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011


Read this first by John Bellamy
The world according to Morpheus
A wise man once said, “Building a successful relationship is akin to building a wall – where the bricks are love and the mortar, compatibility.
“Now you CAN just fashion it from mortar. Paint red oblongs onto it and it’ll LOOK like a wall – but it won’t be.
“Alternatively, if you pile rows of bricks onto one other, that’ll look like a wall too – until you give it a little shove.
“But if you build it from bricks AND mortar, you’ll have a wall that’ll last a lifetime.”
(Well actually, this observer said it after putting away a few beers – but it IS a good analogy).
And that is very nearly that.
Whether you choose to marry – or not – is entirely up to you.
Whether you choose to burden yourself with kids – or not – is entirely up to you.
Whether your sexuality draws you to those of your own sex – or those of the other – is entirely up to you.
Whether your sex-life resembles “9½ Weeks” – or five minutes of mindless rutting – is entirely up to you.
And whether you choose to follow The Common Herd into a loveless but compatible union – or SEEK LOVE RECKLESSLY and KEEP seeking it, then DUMP it if there is not enough compatibility and try again and again and AGAIN, until you finally NAIL it – is also up to you.
But just remember – you are FAR too important a person to WASTE your life with the wrong person (and you would not be doing them any favours either). You pass this way but once and if you do not get it RIGHT – you have BLOWN it.
Your AFFINE is more important than your career, the Five Impostors and anything anyone tells you is more important than your AFFINE.
Certainly, you can DABBLE with careers and the Five Impostors – they are fun and lucrative – but until you have found your AFFINE, you are only HALF a person. Your AFFINE is your LIFE. And you, theirs.
If any portion of the information imparted in the words above helps you avoid SOME of the MONUMENTAL aggravation all seekers of love must endure, then it has been worth my writing them – and your reading them.
And if there is a MESSAGE to be gleaned from them, it is in the title – Love, Sex and Relationships.
Most people have one of the three.
Many people have two.
But what we must ALL STRIVE FOR – the POINT of this existence – is ALL THREE.
It is my fervent hope YOU FIND THEM.

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