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jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Una voz sin hogar

A homeless voice has the sound of a fairy tale
The Columbus Dispatch
Ted Williams holds up his sign along the Hudson Street ramp off northbound I-71 | <a href="http://www.dispatch.com/live/content/multimedia/video/video.html?videoUrl=http://www.dispatch.com/live/export-content/sites/dispatch/videos/2011/01/03/golden-homeless-voice-092457.xml">Watch the video</a>
Ted Williams holds up his sign along the Hudson Street ramp off northbound I-71 | Watch the video
That voice.
The smooth baritone of Ted Williams became an Internet sensation yesterday when a Dispatch.com video compelled millions of viewers to take a closer look (and listen) at a homeless panhandler who sometimes works the Hudson Street ramp off northbound I-71.
Carrying a hand-scrawled cardboard sign touting his "God-given gift of voice," an otherwise ragged Williams was recorded last month offering up his radiant pipes to an idle commuter for spare change.
When you're listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you're listening to Magic 98.9!
That voice delivered.
Eclipsing the initial awe over Williams' "gift" were the scores of phone calls that followed - media inquiries and potential job offers that could ultimately provide the one-time radio announcer with a second chance.
"My boss said to me: 'If you don't get him hired, you're fired,'" said Kevin McLoughlin, director of post-production films for the National Football League. He contacted The Dispatch last night in search of Williams.
"I can't make any guarantees, but I'd love to get him some work."
The 97-second clip - posted Monday on Dispatch.com and copied yesterday morning to YouTube by an anonymous user - was filmed on a whim by Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth III.
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